What is electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?

Nowdays we can no longer imagine our planet  without electronic appliances. They are present in our homes, offices, different means of transport, schools, restaurants etc. The most frequent ones among them are mobile phones, computers, wi-fi routers etc. All of these electronic appliances create and emit electromagnetic radiation in the spectrum known as ″extremely  low frequency electromagnetic radiation ″ (ELF EMF). It is due to this type of radiation that electronic appliances form their  internal communication. Thus, a mobile phone signal can be transported up to several kilometres while a wi-fi device signal can pass the distance of up to 30 metres. EMR is invisible to the human eye, but nevertheless it can cause damage to the living world, including the damage to the cells of a human body. Beside the electronic communication devices, which are the sources of EMR, there are some others, like electricity cables, transformers, transmission lines, microwaves etc.

The effects of EMR on human body
From the time numerous electronic appliances became  part of our everyday lives (and this especially refers to mobile phones), there has been much research with the aim of establishing possible influences of these appliances and radiation on the human body. The researches have proved that EMR can cause numerous harmful effects on the human body. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation has been noticed to lead to asthma, autism, cancer (especially brain tumor), to the so-called hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, disturbance in the function of digestive enzymes, eye damage, mail and female infertility, damage of genetic material, sleeping disorder etc. Apart from these health effects, studies have showed exhaustion with the subjects exposed to electromagnetic radiation, as well as the appearance of depression crises, headaches, irritability, studying disorder, expressing difficulties, frequent infections ( including sinusitis), swollen lymph glands, pains in limbs and ankles, ear buzzing, hearing loss, increase of the arterial bllod pressure, thyroid gland disorders and disturbance in the function of other endocrine glands, increase in the body mass, diabetes, night sweating… Thus, the researchers of the International Agency for Research on Cancer fom Lyon, France proclaimed as far as in 2011that the EMR of mobile phones was a potential carcinogen for humans. They came to that conclusion because the researches showed that there had been an increase in the risk of glioma (malign brain tumor).

What is Demagnetica Natura?

Demagnetica Natura is a mixture of natural minerals which has the characteristic of absorption of electromagnetic radiation emitted from differnt sources. The composition of natual minerals was selected after the comprehensive medical and physical examination and it is a trade secret of the manufacturer.

How does Demagnetica Natura function?
The selected minerals in the product called Demagnetica Natura absorb the electromagnetic radiation coming from different sources in our surroundings. Thus Demagnetica Natura decreases or neutralizes the electromagnetic radiation in our surroundings reducing the detrimental biological effects on the human body.

Usage instructions

Place four boxes of Demagnetica Natura with green lids in the corners of the living room and bedroom (the rooms where we spend most of our time). Adjust the placement of boxes to the arrangement of furniture in the rooms making less effect on the interior.
Put one box with the green lid onto or next to the wireless base or router. The box with the orange lid has a sellotape and it is placed onto or stuck to the side of the fuse box.
All the boxes have double bottoms and lids and cannot be opened, so they are safe for choldren and pets.

Expiration date of Demagnetica Natura
Demagnetica Natura lasts ten years. After this period you should get a new product. The product has been recommended by the Centre for integrative procedures and supplements ″Dr Dunjić″ and the Association for  promoting  personalizing holistic approach in treatment HOLISTIC, Belgrade.

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